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Collection Widget

Receive MTN Mobile Money payments on your website using the MTN MoMo QR code or via USSD.

The MTN MoMo Widget solution allows a developer to integrate a MoMoPay checkout button to accept MTN Mobile Money payments on the partner’s e-commerce website. The transaction will be initiated by the MTN MoMo customer from their MTN MoMo App or via USSD.

Prerequires: Collection Widget

APIs Used: MoMoPay


Enable remote automatic collection of bills, fees or taxes.

This solution enables partners to receive payments for goods and services using MTN Mobile Money. The services can be face-to-face or remote. Payments can be customer-initiated on USSD/App/Web, or Merchant-initiated where a customer is sent a debit request for approval.

Once the service is enabled, a Collections account is created for the partner. The funds collected are subsequently deposited/ received in the partner’s collections account. The partner can make onward payments to their suppliers/partners/employees (B2B or B2C) and/or liquidate the collected funds into their respective bank accounts or using other e-value liquidation channels available. The service offers the convenience of collecting online payments, taxes, bills, subscriptions services among others.

Prerequires: OAuth 2.0

APIs Used: ValidateAccountHolder, Balance, RequestToPay


Automatically deposit funds to multiple account holders.

This solution enables Mobile Money partners to send money in bulk to different recipients with just one click. This setup can be manually executed (logging into the system, uploading recipient's list and trigger payments) or automated (requires a one-time setup of the recipients' lists and commands to effect payment).

Examples of partners who use this service are, NGO’s to disburse funds to their target beneficiaries, Institutions who pay wages to their employees among others.

The partner is expected to open a Disbursement account and pre-fund the account. Once they are ready to make payments, the disbursements will be done from the pre-funded account into the wallets of the individual recipients.

Prerequires: OAuth 2.0

APIs Used: ValidateAccountHolder, Balance, Transfer


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The GSMA Mobile Money API is a modern harmonised API for mobile money transactions and management that aims to support the mobile money industry speak the same technical language. The initiative aims to increase adoption of the mobile money API through dedicated engagement with mobile money providers and support for ecosystem vendors. The GSMA also aims to maintain updated versions of the API Specification with new features and up to date functionality


Remit funds to local recipients from the diaspora with ease.

This solution allows a partner to transfer funds from the diaspora to a Mobile Money recipient's account in local currency. This is an automated solution where the money is transferred in real-time when the request is generated. The sender in the diaspora logs on the Web/App/USSD channel or visits the remittance partner’s point of sale to send money.

The partner is required to open an MTN MoMo account and pre-fund it to facilitate the transfer of funds to the individual recipient’s wallets.

A request is then sent to the local partner’s system that triggers a corresponding transfer from the partner’s pre-funded account into the recipient’s wallet.

Prerequires: OAuth 2.0

APIs Used: ValidateAccountHolder, Balance, Transfer