Common Error Codes

The complete definitions of error codes are found in the swagger documentation. Below is the list of error codes available.

Generic Error Codes

HTTP Code Error Response Code Description
409 N/A Duplicated Reference Id. Cannot create new recourse
404 N/A Reference Id not found. Requested resource does not exist.
400 N/A Bad request. Request does not follow the specification.
401 N/A Authentication failed. Credentials not valid
403 Forbidden IP Authorization failed. IP not allowed to transact
500 NOT_ALLOWED Authorization failed. User does not have permission.
500 NOT_ALLOWED_TARGET_ENVIRONMENTNot allowed target environment
500 INVALID_CALLBACK_URL_HOSTCallback URL with different host name then configured for API User
500 INVALID_CURRENCYCurrency not supported on the requested account
500 INTERNAL_PROCESSING_ERRORDefault error code used when there is no specific error mapping.
503 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE Service temporary unavailable, try again later

Preapproval Error Codes

HTTP Code Error Response Code Description
500 PAYER_NOT_FOUND Payer not found

RequestToPay Error Codes

Error Code Error Response Code Description
500 PAYER_NOT_FOUND Payer not found. Account holder is not registered.
500 PAYEE_NOT_ALLOWED_TO_RECEIVE Payee cannot receive funds due to e.g. transfer limit.

Transfer Error Codes

Error Code Error Response Code Description
500 NOT_ENOUGH_FUNDS Not enough funds on payer account
500 PAYER_LIMIT_REACHED Not allowed to end due to Payer limit reached
500 PAYEE_NOT_FOUND Payee not found. Account holder is not registered

Validate Account Holder Error Codes

Error Code Error Response Code Description
404 N/A Account holder is not found

Common Error Responses

Type Description
PAYEE_NOT_FOUND Payee does not exist
PAYER_NOT_FOUND Payer does not exist
NOT_ALLOWED Authorization failed. Insufficient permissions
NOT_ALLOWED_TARGET_ENVIRONMENT Access to target environment is forbidden
INVALID_CALLBACK_URL_HOST Callback URL does not match the configured value
INVALID_CURRENCY Currency not supported
SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE Service temporarily unavailable, try again later
INTERNAL_PROCESSING_ERROR An internal error occurred while processing
NOT_ENOUGH_FUNDS The payer does not have enough funds
PAYER_LIMIT_REACHED The payer's limit has been breached
PAYEE_NOT_ALLOWED_TO_RECEIVE The payee is unable to receive funds
PAYMENT_NOT_APPROVED Payment was not approved
RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND Requested resource was not found
APPROVAL_REJECTED The approval was rejected
EXPIRED The requested resource has expired
TRANSACTION_CANCELED The transaction was canceled by the initiator
RESOURCE_ALREADY_EXIST Duplicated reference id. Creation of resource failed
TRANSACTION_NOT_COMPLETED Transaction is pending and not completed
TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND The transaction could not be found
INFORMATIONAL_SCOPE_INSTRUCTION Informational scopes shall not have scope instructions
MISSING_SCOPE_INSTRUCTION Missing scope instruction
MORE_THAN_ONE_FINANCIAL_SCOPE_NOT_SUPPORTED More than one financial scope is not supported
UNSUPPORTED_SCOPE_COMBINATION The combination of scope types are not supported
CONSENT_MISMATCH A value in request mismatch with a value in consent
UNSUPPORTED_SCOPE The scope is not supported
NOT_FOUND Requested resource was not found